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Work bench
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hand crafted in New york City 


S.Jewelry Design Swiss born founder and designer Sandra Somnolet-Boulgaris comes from a long lineage of silversmiths. Since her early childhood she has traveled and lived on many continents and has always embraced the different countries' cultures and traditions which have, in turn, greatly influenced her creative process.

It was during her five years living in Mexico City that Sandra, then an architect, discovered her true passion: the art of making jewelry. She uncovered a way to express her creativity through a medium that allowed her to connect the beauty of geometrical shapes to the fluidity of the human from. Forging, melting and ultimately taming precious metal into one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry pieces answered all her creative desires. It was a perfect match!

She decided to fully embrace this new-found passion and rekindle her family's long tradition of craftsmanship that had skipped a generation with her father. She graduated in 2014 from the Centro Mexicano de Joyeria and pursued her training at Bianca Lopez Studio in New York City. 

All her pieces are made by hand in Manhattan where she now resides. She is keen on creating bold, sophisticated and original jewelry that can be worn in any setting, pairing with any outfit. Her design process starts with close observation of her surroundings, constantly on the hunt for patterns, shapes, colors and textures. She walks the streets with her camera always ready to capture glimpses of what will be on her next inspiration board.  She loves the contrast between  natural curves and strong construction lines, an affinity strongly linked to her architectural background. 


Sandra believes that jewelry´s value lies in great part in its sentimental relationship with its owner.  A visual and tactile relationship forges as soon as a piece is worn,  becoming a powerful from of self expression. As a designer, she is therefore merely the temporary guardian of her creations until they find their rightful owner, allowing them to showcase different aspects of their personnality...

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